Hi! My name is Bobby Williams and I am running for Keene City Council.

Joy, Calvin, and Bobby
Joy, Calvin, and Bobby

Though I have long ties to the Monadnock region, I'm relatively new in town. My wife and son and I moved to Keene in 2017 after I wrapped up seven years of working for the United Nations Secretariat.

Bobby Williams on UN mission in Ecuador
On a UN field mission following the 2016 earthquake in western Ecuador.

During that time I worked in support of international arms control, disaster risk reduction, telecommunications policy, and on developing new funding sources to finance technology projects for people with disabilities. Today, I run my own technology consultancy from a home office on North Lincoln Street.

One of the technology projects I have been building from right here in Keene.

I am running for Ward 2 Counselor on a platform of neighborhood revitalization, environmental stewardship, and inclusive economic development. I have a lot of ideas — from improving Keene's housing stock, to restoring the ecology of Beaver Brook, to improving the accessibility of neighborhood sidewalks for people with mobility difficulties.

Building on my professional specialty, I also aim to take a leading role in shaping City Council strategy on issues related to technology. This includes areas like maintaining cybersecurity, ensuring data privacy, and managing the city's response to the upcoming wave of 5G wireless infrastructure deployment. These are obscure issues to a lot of people, but I know them pretty well, and I think that what I know about them can be an asset to the city.

Please vote for me in the general election on November 5. If elected, I pledge to work hard to make Keene — and Ward 2 in particular — an even nicer community than it already is.